Exclusive North American Indian Beaded Knives Sheath Collection

Beaded Knife Sheaths

This knife was purchased from a native artist at the '05 International Powwow in Danville (Private collection).

Powwow aux USA

Buffalo Knife Assiniboine Tipis Lakota Buffalo Knife
Created by an Native artiste from Pine Ridge (SD), this knife handle is made from a buffalo rib bone , and painted as a horse head.
KN78  Buffalo Knife.. NA
Sioux Knife
A classical design, beaded sheath - 28cm - with old knife
KN83 Sioux Knife ...[More Information]
Sioux Knife Sheath

Lakota Knife Sheath Lakota Knife
Traditional sheath with its hand forged knife, 29 cm.
KN64  Lakota Knife. $ 395.00
Bear Knife
Beautiful Sioux knife with bear jawbone handle.
Foreign orders require C.I.T.E.S. export/import documents. Please allow at least 5 to 8 weeks for paperwork..

KN77 Bear Knife .. $ 475.00
CITES Intl ............$ 45.00

Bear Jaw knife

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