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Teepee Liners

The liner also called tiozan is important, although one can enjoy his tipi without using one during hot summer days. But it is a key-element for making your tipi comfortable by controlling draft and smoke. When camping in the forest, it will help to keep most insects out.
During the winter, a liner will prevent the occupants from freezing, and also provides an extra insulation. In the old days, people used to stuff dry grass between liner and cover for a better insulation.

Inside view of a beautiful tipi

Teepee Liner

The liner is like a second wall that goes only about half way up inside the tipi (the darkest part on the picture). If you live further north, and more generally, if you want a longer " tipi season", then you should consider getting one.
Our liners are made of Marine Duck canvas, a treated cotton fabric which is water repellant, mildew-rot resistant, and flame retardant. For more durability, we added a fire resistant and rot-proof sod-cloth.
The liners of our 12' tipis are 60" tall. The others are 72" or 6' tall. Winter liners are 7' tall for a better protection against the cold air.

Our liners are in 2 or 3 sections, depending on their size.
They also include a door, again depending on their size.
They all have a rot/flame resistant sod cover of reinforced polyester fabric.

Tipi Size 12’ 14’ 16’ 18’ 20’ 22’ 24’
Regular $540 $620 $716 $777 $873 $996 $1090
Winter NA NA $831 $905 $1020 $1163 $1230

Step 3 Extra - If you would like a painted liner, click here
Step 4 - For poles, stakes and pegs click here

Teepee with liner In the old days, life on the Plains was dangerous. Enemy war raids and other attacks were a real risk. Nobody wanted to become a target when in a lodge, so people avoided anything that could make them seen and vulnerable from the outside. A liner would provide such a protection and a good intimacy by keeping the shadows created by the campfire on the tipi cover.
There are no more enemies to fear on the Plains today but still, we all enjoy a little extra privacy!


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