Collector's Moccasins

Comanche Moccasins
MOC06 - Comanche Style.. $ 550.00
Arapaho Moccasins
MOC07 - Arapaho Style.. $ 550.00

Woodland Indian Moccasins Woodland Indian Moccasins
Typical 1930 Great Lakes Indian moccasins. Floral motifs were common to all the woodland tribes of the North and East. They were created to replicate the design of the printed shirts worn by early explorers and travellers from the Old World.
MOC09 - Woodland Indian Moccasins... $ 385.00

Kiowa Moccasins Kiowa Moccassins
An old pair of Kiowa moccasins - 1910. These female hard sole, sinew sewn moccasins are yellow-ochre rubbed, beaded in colors of gold, dark blue, yellow, red, white and light blue, approximate length 9" 1/4.
MOC19 - Kiowa Moccasins... $ 475.00

Antique Cheyenne Moccasins Cheyenne Moccasins
Old Southern Cheyenne from Oklahoma (Circa 1920).
MOC17 - Cheyenne Moccasins.. $ 495.00

Cheyenne Moccasins
Old Cheyenne Moccasins
Sioux Moccasins
Old Lakota Moccasins

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