Primitive Fire Making Tools

The control of fire - approximately 400,000 years ago, maybe even earlier, was a turning point in human evolution. Fire allowed humans to cook wild plants and roots, making them tender and more digestible. Cooked meat, fish, shells and insects were also more nutritious, and much safer to eat. The fire allowed warmth and protection from predators, it smoke kept nsects away.
Smoldering bushes and trees have more likely been the first resources exploited by early humans to get fire. Over time, various firemaking techniques were developed around the world; the hand and bow drills, the fire plow, the fire piston. These techniques were so efficient that they are still commonly used today by indigenous peoples, modern outdoorsmen, and survival training class teachers. Using flint and steel to produce sparks came later (approx. 1200 BC), they were still the most common fire making tools of 19th century society. Matches made their first timid apparition around 1889, the modern Zippo lighter was born in 1932.

Flint and Steel Flint and Steel
This basic flint and steel kit includes a hand forged carbon steel striker, and a piece of high quality flint.
MTM78 - Flint and Steel.....$ 23.95

Fire Making Bow Drill and DVD
Bowdrill Fire Making Kit
Are you a Survivorman/woman? Could you start a fire without matches, a lighter or any other modern fire making tool? If your answer is no, then this is the kit for you. You've probably seen the guys from Dual Survival, Man VS. Wild, or even Survivorman make fire using tools like this. If your interested in learning these skills you've come to the right place. Most kits come with paper instructions, but this kit contains a 1hour 13minute How to DVD that will teach you details about The Bow Drill , The Hand Drill, Flint and Steel, The Fire Piston, The Metal Match, The Fresnal Lens, Plus Words of Wisdom in a Spiritual sense.
MTM80 - Bowdrill Fire Making Kit & DVD.....$ 48.00

Fire Piston Canada Fire Piston
This is very old technology, and a simple tool to start a fire anywhere. Hand made of 6061 aircraft aluminum, buna o-rings.
Each fire piston comes with char cloth (2), extra O-rings and Instructions about how to use it.

MTM81 - Fire Piston, Aluminum...$ 25.95
MTM82 - Fire Piston, Hickory.......$ 31.50
MTM83 - Fire Piston, Bubinga......$ 44.95 (pic)

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