Indian Tobaccos and Herbal Smoking Mixtures

Authentic Native Canadian herbal smoking mixture.
28 g (Does not contain tobacco)

CAL96 - Kinnikinnick ... $ 8.95

Kinnikinnick Herbal Ingredients

Wild Organic Bearberry (Uva Ursi)
The primary ingredients in all smoking blends. There are a number of plants often referred to as "bearberry." This is one of the species.
HEB17 - Bearberry, 50 gr ... $ 7.25

NPS Photo - REH - 1961 - Public domain image

Wild Organic Red Willow Bark
You can make a true kinnikinnick without it, this is the other main ingredient of a true Native smoking blend, 30g bag
HER01 - Wild Organic Red Willow Bark .... $ 15.45

Wild Organic Mullein Leaf
Often mixed in tobacco to help with catarrh and congestion, 30g bag.
HEB35 - Mullein Leaf.... $ 6.95

Wild Organic Staghorn Sumac
This is a necessary ingredient in most trade tobaccos and in kinnikinnick, 30g bag.
HEB22 - Staghorn Sumac.... $ 12.95

Wild Organic Deer's Tongue Leaf (Trilisa Odoratissima)
This plant is sometimes called vanilla leaf, or wild vanilla, because of the distinct smell of vanilla when the leaves are crushed. A powerful stimulant, highly regarded by Native Americans as an aphrodisiac, and said to induce erotic dreams. The leaves are used to give tobacco a vanilla flavor..
HEB20 - Deer's Tongue Leaves, approx 25 gr ... $ 8.95
Trilisa Odoratissima - Deer's Tongue - Photo © Jeff Pippen

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