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Indian War Shirt Lakota War Shirt
While approaching the enemy prior to battle, an individual carrying a medicine staff led the war party. Once battle was engaged, that individual would retreat to the rear in order to protect the medicine. When the Indians saw the US Cavalry approaching following the US flag, the Indians assumed this was the enemy's medicine. Stealing another's medicine - counting coup - was a great honor for the warrior while bringing shame to the enemy. Indians began to use the flag design. Eventually, a society formed called the Pony Soldier Society. These warriors would use the colors and symbols from the US flag in painting their bodies, clothing, and horses
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bear Society Shirt Bear Society Shirt
Bear society members had distinctive patterns of shirt, hairdress, face paint, knife, shield and tipi. They developed war groups specialized in aggressive bear-imitating charges upon their enemies. They also gave bear honoring feasts and rituals, and treated the sick.
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